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Slimline Aluminium Windows

slimline windows
Aluminium Windows
Slimline Windows
Aluminium Slimline Windows
Slimline Aluminium Windows
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Klosen – Slimline Windows

Elegant and luxurious slimline aluminium windows are engineered with purpose to create a stylish, modern and sophisticated entrance way to your home.

Klosen has been embracing technology, contemporary materials and innovation for more than 25 years as experts in the industry. It is our priority to provide the highest quality products that create beautiful living spaces, combining elegant design with specialist, secure fittings.

Our long-lasting relationships with our customers is true testament to our reputable work, trusted by customers across Peterborough. We provide our personal guarantee to the supply and installation of all our aluminium profiles.


Slimline aluminium windows utilise sleek frames that imitate the look and feel of original steel windows. They offer complete or partial glazing without the need to modify the nature of the property – our windows become a part of your home.

Sitting comfortably with the contemporary lifestyle, our slimline range brings uniqueness to your home. With minimal framing, watch as your sanctuary is transformed by inviting in more natural light and turning a good view into a fantastic one.

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Our slimline aluminium windows offer inherent durability. Their stunning thin frames are no compromise to the strength offered making them ideal for your home and other architectural projects.

By investing in slimline, you face minimal maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your windows. The minimal structure sits harmoniously within your home, creating a haven of spaciousness. They will revolutionise the way you see your property.

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If you are sure about opting for a slimline aluminium window in your home, we also offer slimline sliding doors. These are designed as part of the collection and will provide the finishing touch to your home. Both are designed to be effortless and we work with a variety of brands to bring you the best aluminium doors on the market.

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