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Slimline Bi Fold Doors

Klosen / Slimline Bi Fold Doors

Slimline Bi Fold Doors

Create an aura of space and elegance by installing prestigious slimline bi fold doors into your home. Slimline bi fold doors fold as to open, adding a modern edge to your property with an exsquitist, stylish touch. Turn a regular entrance way into one of allurement and envy.

What are Slimline Bi Fold Doors?

Sometimes referred to as aluminium bi fold doors, and also written as ‘bi-fold’ or ‘bifold’, slimline aluminium doors define themselves as durable and a popular alternative to the traditional door. Engineered with the homeowner in mind, slimline bi fold doors add sophistication to the entrance way of your home, property or commercial building.

Fashioned out of high-quality aluminium components, these doors are designed to create space in any room, with large panels of glass. With a strong, discreet user-friendly lightweight outer frame, our doors also flood your property with natural light.

This frame is structured to glide open and close in a smooth, consistent folding movement.

Why choose Slimline Bi Fold Doors?

Choosing a slimline bi fold door is a contemporary choice for blending luxury with assistance to modern day living. With an air of prestige, they benefit its owners with additional light to produce a spacious and well-lit entrance way and offer unrestricted views. Installing a slimline bi fold door into your home usually drives up property value as well; a feature that is often overlooked by homeowners in attempt to improve their home.


Types of Doors we offer

If you are unsure about opting for a slimline bi fold door in your home, we also offer slimline sliding doors. These operate similarly but with larger panels that slide open and close and do not fold. Both are designed to be effortless and we work with a variety of brands to bring you the beta aluminium doors on the market.

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