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Slimline Aluminium Windows

Klosen / Slimline Aluminium Windows

Slimline Aluminium Windows

Our aluminium windows sit comfortably within the contemporary lifestyle; they are elegant, strong and chic. We ask our customers the right questions to discover what they want and work tirelessly to deliver the best solution.

Maximum light, enhanced views and increased aesthetics. Our contemporary range of slimline windows bring timeless appeal to your home.

An unobstructed view can transform an average room into a living space that is a joy to occupy. By filling your home with natural light through our slim and sleek frames you’re able to enjoy the full extent of your property inside and out.

Why choose Slimline Windows?

Our slimline windows offer inherent durability. Their stunning thin frames are no compromise to the strength offered making them ideal for your home and other architectural projects.

By investing in our slimline windows you face minimal maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your windows. The minimal structure sits harmoniously within your home, creating a haven of spaciousness. Slimline windows will revolutionise the way you see your property.

Our sleek frames imitate the look and feel of original steel windows. They can also offer complete or partial glazing without the need to modify the nature of the property. Our windows become a part of your home.

There is no need to compromise appearance when replacing your old glazing. Simply choose our slimline windows. They can enhance the security of your property, increase energy efficiency and bring increased strength and robustness to your property. Our windows are created bespoke and are flexible to how you want to use them.

Sitting comfortably with the contemporary lifestyle, our slimline windows bring uniqueness to your home. With minimal framing, our slimline windows can transform your sanctuary by inviting in more natural light and turning a good view into a fantastic one.

No need to worry about the climate and ever-changing weather conditions as our windows have been built to stand the test of time throughout, offering practicality, resilience and strength.

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Slimline windows

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