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Aluminium Bi Fold Doors

Aluminium Bi-fold Door System
Aluminium Bi-fold Doors and Windows
Aluminium Sliding Door System
Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors
Black Aluminium Bi-fold Doors

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    Aluminium BI Fold Doors – KLOSEN

    Create an aura of space and elegance by installing prestigious aluminium bi fold doors into your home. Slimline bi fold doors fold as to open, adding a modern edge to your property with an exsquitist, stylish touch. Turn a regular entrance way into one of allurement and envy.

    Key features & benefits

    Aluminium Doors and Windows

    Thermal Insulation

    The material has built-in thermal properties which will improve heat insulation for your home.

    Aluminium Doors and Windows

    Natural Light

    A thin frame and maximized glass will enable a source of natural light into your home, making your rooms brighter.

    Aluminium Doors and Windows

    Aesthetic Design

    The slimline range will integrate a beautiful aesthetic with traditional surroundings that will make your home contemporary.

    Aluminium Windows and Doors

    Strong & Seamless

    Aluminum is a strong & lightweight material which will allow a smooth but sturdy function.


    Aluminium bi fold doors are bespoke and designed to seamlessly marry with their surroundings. You will receive an equally magnificent & uninterrupted view when the folding glass doors are open and closed with the aluminium frame having a minimal visual impact on your vista.

    Folding glass doors with a precisely made aluminium frame allows you to extend your living space to your garden and enjoy a precious balance of outside and inside from the comfort of your property.

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    Aluminium bifold doors assure that all year round you are guaranteed maximum exposure to your property in its entirety. They are designed to offer a 95% opening aspect. With discreet bi folding, they are versatile in terms of colour and design and the option to allow the leaves to glide into your home or out to the garden.

    When winter time comes you won’t be cold either. Every aluminium bi-folding door segment is thermally insulated with snug, weather-tight gaskets that maintain the highest levels of draught-free insulation and noise reduction.

    Bi-fold doors are strong, slim and irresistibly stylish in aluminium.

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    Types of Aluminum Bifold Door we offer

    If you are unsure about opting for a slimline bi fold door in your home, we also offer slimline sliding doors. These operate similarly but with larger panels that slide open and close and do not fold. Both are designed to be effortless and we work with a variety of brands to bring you the beta aluminium doors on the market.

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