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Commercial Automatic Sliding Doors

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Commercial Automatic Doors

Commercial Automatic doors create the perfect entrance for your reception or welcome areas whether it's in a school, office or other public building with a lot of individuals moving through on a daily basis.

Why Choose Automatic Sliding Doors?

Our aluminium sliding doors enable you to save space within your building while maximising efficiency and aesthetics. Klosen’s automatic doors provide the perfect solution for many buildings so no matter the style or size you require, you’ll receive a made-to-order set of doors to complete your property. We ensure you receive a highly bespoke design that fits into your building seamlessly.

Where space is limited, commercial automatic doors can create a sleek yet efficient entrance to properties. Using movement detectors our doors are controlled by your visitors with high-performance technology, creating a smooth, responsive opening when individuals walk towards the door.

Our automated sliding doors can be fully adapted depending on your requirements and the application. Klosen doors come with thermally efficient glass panels to let more light into your property.

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