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Aluminium Doors and Windows

Creating Sustainability with Aluminium Windows and Doors

There are a host of benefits for your home and energy bills when you install aluminium windows and doors. Here we list those benefits to both yourself and the environment.

Eco doors and windows are fastly becoming the must-have addition to homes up and down the country, and for good reason. Surpassing traditional systems such as uPVC and wooden designs, aluminium windows and doors are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also eco-friendly; and are now the choice homeowners turn to.

How are aluminium doors and windows eco-friendly?

Aluminium doors and windows are the eco-friendly alternatives to your home, and provide a host of benefits for both yourself, your home and the environment. Aluminium is often recycled and therefore uses requires less of the planet’s resources whilst also limiting productions carbon footprint of features constructed for new homes and renovations.

Did you know?

Recycling one tonne of aluminium saves nine tonnes of CO2 emissions alone. Put into perspective, one tonne of CO2 emissions is the equivalent of driving two-thousand eight-hundred miles.

Opting for aluminium as part of your frames also aids in boosting your property value: aluminium has a high market value and still continues to provide an economic incentive to recycle. Recycling half a kilo of aluminium saves around seven kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, and the process of recycling is also quick. An aluminium can you throw in the recycling bin can be back on the shelf in just six weeks.

In addition, recycling aluminium also saves around ninety-five perfect of greenhouse gas emissions compared to producing the ‘raw’ product.

Benefits of aluminium windows and doors

Alongside all of their economic benefits, aluminium windows and doors are able to facilitate complex engineering due to their versatility and ability to be shaped, without losing any of its structural integrity like other systems.

Considered the most abundant metal on Earth, aluminium is your number one choice for energy efficient, practical and natural light filled doors.

Looking for an eco-friendly doors and windows solution for your home? Contact Klosen today for more information about our range of aluminium doors and windows. Available in a range of styles, finishes and colours, you can create the perfect opening to your home.

Klosen UK

Klosen UK provides luxury and bespoke aluminium doors and windows for your home. We hope you have enjoyed your read.

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