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Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows vs uPVC Windows

Here at Klosen UK, we strive to offer customers a wide range of window options, that are not only bespoke in design but premium quality! That’s why we offer Aluminium Windows. Read our honest comparison of why we choose Aluminium over uPVC Windows. So what is an Aluminium Window? And what is uPVC? Aluminium windows (often referred to as slimline windows) are lightweight, strong, seamless and corrosion free due to the materials properties. Recently, aluminium based windows have become a contemporary...

Aluminium Doors and Windows

Creating Sustainability with Aluminium Windows and Doors

There are a host of benefits for your home and energy bills when you install aluminium windows and doors. Here we list those benefits to both yourself and the environment. Eco doors and windows are fastly becoming the must-have addition to homes up and down the country, and for good reason. Surpassing traditional systems such as uPVC and wooden designs, aluminium windows and doors are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also eco-friendly; and are now the choice homeowners turn to. How are...

slimline sliding door

Slimline Aluminium Doors & Slimline Aluminium Windows

Introducing the luxury slimline aluminium range at Klosen, where we have a beautiful selection of slimline sliding doors, slimline bifold doors and slimline windows. This range is guaranteed to add a touch of delicate sophistication to your home. What are Slimline Aluminium Windows and Doors? Slimline Aluminium range optimises a homes natural surroundings via a maximised glass panel and a minimised frame. If you look at any high-quality home or renovated properties, it is likely they have utilised slimline aluminium windows and...

Commercial Blog

Commercial Automatic Doors for Your Property

Introducing a new solution to the way you welcome guests into your commercial property. Maximising efficiency with increased aesthetics, our automatic doors can provide your building with a professional and welcoming feel, no entrance is complete without. No matter the type of building, our commercial aluminium doors can suit any property, from schools to offices, you'll no longer have to worry about space and functionality. What effect do you want to have on your visitors as they enter through the...

slimline sliding door

Sliding Doors for your Home

We all have a vision for our property. There is a certain level of care and time that goes into creating our ideal space, it’s what makes a house a home. Adding value to your home doesn’t have to involve an entire renovation. Simply refining certain elements can change a space. From the floor tiles in the kitchen to a converting your loft into living space, building your ideal home can also be an investment for the future. You’re creating a...